Monday, 2 April 2012

Three exhibitions in one week!

I had a very 'cultural' week last week, and managed to go to 3 exhibitions- that's a first! First up was Pick Me Up at Somerset House. All the artists were great, but I especially loved the work of Kristjana S Williams. The use of vintage photos mixed with drawings to create these beautiful bird and butterfly scenes was great, and they are totally my colours- very inspiring!

Next up was Nox by Becky Allen, a friend of mine. Her exhibition at Art Work Space, in the Hempel Hotel explores how to record brain activity during REM. A very talented artist, Becky's work was facinating and beautifully intricate. I especially loved the Horn and Ivory designs. The exhibition is open until May 6th and is definately worth a visit!

Last but not least was Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern. I absolutely love her installation's, she's spot crazy, but she does make amazing art!

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